Lokaler.citycon.se – Terms of Use

This document contains the terms and conditions for the use (hereinafter "Terms of use") of the lokaler.citycon.se -website (hereinafter "Site"). When using the Site, the site user (hereinafter "User") accepts these Terms of Use and agrees to abide by them.

Any complaints and questions concerning the Site shall be made in writing or electronically to the Site owner specified below.

1. Site owner

The Service owner is Citycon Oyj (hereinafter "Owner")
Business ID: 2424293-6
Mailing address: Korkeavuorenkatu 35, FIN-00130,Helsinki
E-mail: leasing@citycon.com

2. Site administrators

The Site is administered by Suomen Tiloja.fi Oy (hereinafter "Administrator").
Business ID: 2361645-7
Mailing address: PL 861, 00101 Helsinki
E-mail: info@tiloja.fi

3. Use of the Site

The Site is primarily directed at companies, corporations or persons that are seeking information about Citycon Oyj, its business or properties and premises related to the company. 

The use of the Site for any other purpose without permission from the Owner is expressly forbidden.

4. Content of the Site

The Site contains the presentation of the Citycon Oyj and its business generally and properties that are owned or managed by the company. The Site also contains the presentation of the business premises (hereinafter "Premises”), that company is responsible for renting. 

All material found in the Site, like pictures, drawings and texts (hereinafter “Content") is either Administrator’s property or they have received a license to use the Content from the Owner of it or it has been gathered from public registers.

The Administrators are responsible for the accuracy of the Content. After the detecting an error in the Content, Administrators will fix the error immediately or remove the object presentation that contains the inaccurate Content until the error has been fixed.

Copying of the Content or using it for other purposes than those outlined in section three (3) is expressly forbidden without permission from Administrators.

The Content related to Premises, or any other individual information included in the Site, shall not be interpreted as a binding rental or sales offer of the Premise. The Owner reserves the unilateral right to refuse to rent or sell any Premise presented in the Site.

5. Administrator’s responsibility for Site functionality

The Administrators are responsible for the Site functionality.

The Site is, in principle, available 24/7. However, the Administrators reserve, if necessary, any time the right to remove the Site or part of it from use. When reasonable possible, the Administrators shall inform of interruptions in Site use in advance, either through the Site or in some other manner deemed suitable.

The Administrators give no guarantees of continuous access or undisrupted functionality of the Site, but they strive to fix any possible shortcomings, errors or defects in the Site immediately.

6. User rights, responsibilities and obligations

The Site is intended for and shall only be used for the purposes mentioned in section three (3). The User has the right to use the Site for the above-mentioned purposes in accordance with these Terms of use.

The User is responsible for any direct and indirect costs arising from the use of the Site.

The User or any third party is not entitled to make any claims towards the Owner or the Administrators based for compensation or refund based on the Content or its inaccuracy.

7. Proprietary right and copyright of the Content

The Content is protected by copyright in accordance with Finnish legislation and international agreements. All rights to the Site, including copyright, lies with the Administrators, companies belonging to the same group with Administrators or any party authorized by the Administrators to its task. The Administrators reserve all rights to the Content. The rights to any software used to execute the Site remain with the license holders.

The User is aware that the proprietary rights and copyright of the Site and any of its parts as well as all other intellectual property belong to the Administrators, companies belonging to the same group as the Administrator or any party authorized by the Administrators to its task and that no other rights than the right of use specified in these Terms of use are transferred to the User.

The User is not entitled to use the Site publicly without separate permission from the Administrators, or to store, forward or otherwise use the Site in a manner that infringes on the proprietary right of the Content.

8. Limitations of liability

The Site and the Content are presented as they are.

The Administrators are not responsible for possible security risks arising from the use of the Site. The User uses the Site at his or her own risk.

Unless specifically prohibited by provision of law, the Administrators are not responsible for direct or indirect damage that the User or a third party possibly suffers due to a Site disruption, or due to an error or shortcoming of the Content.

9. Processing and storing of personal data

No register is maintained on the Site users.

When the User contacts the Owner through the Site or with the help of the contact information mentioned in the Content, the User becomes the Owner’s potential customer and in this case the User’s personal data may be registered in a customer register that is separate from this Site and maintained by the Owner.

The principles and mode of operation of registering and processing personal data in such a customer register maintained by the Owner are available upon request from the Owner. Any communication related to the right of access described in the personal data act shall be made in writing and be signed, and is to be delivered to the Owner at: Citycon Oyj, Korkeavuorenkatu 35, FIN-00130, Helsinki

10. Use of cookies

The Site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User’s computer that the online server stores on the data terminal. It is not possible to individualize the User’s personal data based on the cookies; instead, the cookies store identifiers on the browser used, website use, and the IP address of the User’s data terminal.

Primarily, the cookies are used to gather statistics on the use and users of the Site so that the Site can be developed further. The cookies can also be used to remarket the Site.

If the User does not block the cookies, they have accepted the use of cookies. If desired, the cookies can be disabled by modifying the browser settings. Disabling the cookies may, however, affect the functionality of the website.

11. Links to other websites

Through the Site, the User might have access to websites that are the responsibility of other information or service providers. Using services provided by these third parties may require accepting separate terms of use or contracts, and the Administrator is not responsible for the privacy policies or content on those websites.

12. Validity of the Terms of use and amendments

These Terms of use will enter into force on 1 December 2014 and are valid until further notice.

The Owner can at any given time, without separate notice, jointly amend these Terms of use. The Administrators will inform Users of the changes to the Terms of use in connection with the site. Any changes to the Terms of use will enter into to force at the time specified by the Owner. The User accepts the changes as applying to him or her by using the Site. The User shall cease to use the Site if he or she does not accept the amended Terms of use.

The terms of use have last been updated 24 May 2018.