Tumba Centrum is located in southern Botkyrka, in the r Stockholm area. The shopping centre has excellent transport connections with a commuter rail station and a bus line. About 16,000 people travel past Tumba Centrum every day. The shopping centre is home to a large number of shops, cafés and restaurants from well-known chains to smaller local shops. There are also other services such as banks, pharmacies and so on.

Citycon is planning the expansion of Tumba Centrum in order to integrate it with the new bus terminal. The expansion will also include stores, healthcare services as well as parking facilities. Also the shopping centre’s existing parts will be refurbished.

Tumba Centrum attracts approximately 11,500 visitors on weekdays, 9,000 on Saturdays and 7,000 on Sundays.

Tumba Torg 115, 14730 Botkyrka

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