Stenungstorg is located right on the seafront in Stenungsund, in the Gothenburg area. The shopping centre operates as a regional commercial centre and offers its customers a wide variety of shopping and commercial services, restaurants and cafés.

Following the ongoing refurbishment and extension, the shopping centre’s range of services and shops will increase. A 4,500 square meter expansion was launched at the end of 2014. In 2015, Citycon is building the new harbour square, a new meeting place for the centre of Stenungsund.

Stenungstorg attracts approximately 10,500 visitors on weekdays, 9,500 on Saturdays and 5,500 on Sundays.

Östra Köpmansgatan 20, 44430 Stenungsund

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Primary leasing contact:

Johan Claesson

Senior Leasing Manager

tel. 084474632

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